As you may imagine, one of my happiest times is when I am constructing. Be that a sketch, the transition of this sketch to a pattern and the various stages needed to interpret this into a working pattern, sewing the first toile and making any adaption…. finally cutting the pattern in a chosen fabric to sew the garment ! This process can take a long time for a relative newby like myself (and a perfectionist with very definite ideas about design). So, using the best tools is important and these scissors – which were delivered this week – are some of the best.Even better, I can cut with a conscience as they are made just down the road in Sheffield ( Go British and a welcome relief from business planning work !!

A lifetime obsession realised......

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These Chapters have musings about my fashion obsession, inspiration, trends and the journey of my label, Cabba.

Cabba is an Independent British Clothing Label which explores the juxtaposition between British reserve and eccentricity.

Cabba is a name my two brothers call me and have done since I was little.

A bit about me, Cabba and the ethos of the label and sentiment behind it…..

Asking for a stall at the school fair at the age of 8 to then sell the accessories I had made, shows how much fashion has always been part of my life. When people recollect a time in their life, they often talk about the date, where they were, what they did. I, however ALWAYS remember and reference clothing and what I was wearing at that time...

Brownie Camp 1 - my first pair of red dungarees with white Kicker shoes (with red stitching). Brownie Camp 2 - my mum bought me some black 'Cindy' shoes. A friend's Holy Communion - a turquoise and white stripped blouse with turquoise buttons on each breast pocket, a yellow pencil skirt, turquoise leggings and turquoise sandals, trust me it was the height of fashion from Chelsea Girl at the time. However, I was asked to change into more sober attire for the evening do ( I was delighted - two outfits!) and choose a shimmering silver drop waist 2o's style dress with 3/4 sleeves .... you get my drift.

I'm obsessed and always have been.

Surprisingly, though with enjoyment, I studied Physiology and Pharmacology at University. I remember the excitement at the start of each term receiving my grant cheque because it meant going to buy clothes. Always forgoing food for clothes.

About 7 years ago, I knew I had to follow my passion.

I went back to basics and wanted to learn and develop the skills required (drawing, design, pattern drafting, sewing skills, tailoring skills) to compliment my obsession with fashion. I had my own event business at the time so I had business acumen, though wanted a full understanding and confidence to develop my label in a new industry. I met some amazingly talented people along the way,some will feature in this blog, and now feel in a position to launch Cabba.

Cabba believe that the rich textile and design heritage in Britain should be valued, supported and preserved. In our own way, we do all we can to stand by this ethos. Each piece is designed and made in Britain, using British fabrics and suppliers wherever possible.

My approach to fashion explores the juxtaposition of British eccentricity with the renouned British reserve. Each piece has clean lines and a beautiful cut and fit combined with a typically British understated twist. 

The pieces form cohesion with the wearers current wardrobe and transcend (whilst remaining current) seasons.We want our customers to enjoy their pieces for years to come.

I like to think of it as considered fashion….. a rebellion to modern-day mass production whilst preserving the skills, knowledge and expertise of the clothing industry in the Britain.

Cabba can be found on twitter (@cabba_studio), facebook ( and Instagram (cabba_studio or cathy_poole).