Partnerships. Collaboration. Cabba.

Cabba is all about connection. Consultancy for Cabba as a brand is crucial to us, particularly in our journey to counterpart with London, our southern similar.  Leeds is brimming with the forefront of fashion talent and networking this frontage is essential. And our Cabba outlook is, of course, connection is key.

For Cabba, involving and creating partnerships is the next step for fashion, no longer about exclusivity but the exact opposite. Unity is the front monopolising our future and Cabba is leading this initiative by sweltering squall. Universities are one of the key associations we have been keen to correlate with as, of course, the hub of the freshest future industry potentials. University of Leeds, Leeds Beckett and Leeds College of Art brought about a storm when in collaboration with Cabba Consultancy, the catwalk staggered with talent as we sourced some of the most phenomenal future designers and their work from our very own Northern nucleus.

jl 1.JPG

That said, one can’t hinder the founded names that plaster our highstreets. Previous Cabba collaboration has seen connection with John Lewis in 2016 and now partnership expansion has led to alliance with M&S, Neom, Hobbs…and will just Keep. On. Growing.

Northern fashion is not what it used to be. Potentials are growing. Connections are growing. And Cabba Collaboration certainly is going to be fore fronting that kick-ass expansion, keep updated you trendy troops.