The Future of Fashion in Leeds (and the best bits so far!)

Leeds is gaining a new reputation in its rebirth as the Fashion Capital of the North. 

Key to this rebranding is, of course, the Fashion In Leeds project.

As of yet, the project has been running since October 2016 and already we've seen so much exciting progression. Key events from the opening were the launch of a feature length film documenting the history of fashion in the city, showing the diverse textile heritage of the city and the region and  a TV Ad campaign across ITV, alongside the formulation of a new member- network and networking events all over the city to bring together a growing network of key fashion professionals, 350+ joining the network from launch point alone! 


Thus, 2017 saw only further expansion of the fashion consultancy side of Cabba, when Cabba x SLB PR shook up events (for the good of course) where we were appointed directors of the festivals' Fashion Fringe and what a fringe it was! This was part of a wide city festival, Leeds International Festival which took place during April 22nd-29th this year. Following the success of this year, we have been asked to organise the event for 2018 and not as a fringe event! We love our job.

The aim the event programme was to create an inspiring and educational series of high calibre fashion events in Leeds, with both national and international credibility, bridging the gap between independent and high street retailers, designers, manufacturers and industry influencers whilst introducing the reality of the fashion industry to the public. 

The fashion space itself reflected this ethos; a converted shipping container was housed on Briggate, with perspex sides, allowing an all access approach to the fashion shows, talks, and workshops during the week.


The week was jam packed with some of the most intriguing personalities on the contemporary fashion frontier. Kicking off events on Monday, Gary Aspden gripped The Fashion Space with his exclusive directors cut of his documentary 'Sole Searching in South America', where he untold the fascinating, beautiful and moving journey of uncovering obscene amounts of vintage Adidas gems. It reflected a true love story of one man, Carlos and his lifelong love affair with a brand. Christopher Raeburn, British fashion designer of utmost innovation, discussed the hot topic of sustainability in Fashion and his 4 r's: reduce, reuse, recycle, Braeburn. The week continued with an array of incredible names including a discussions with LuLu Kennedy and Katie Eary, Matty Bovan and Mandi Lennard, Matthew Drinkwater from Fashion Innovation Agency discussing the fascinating and rapidly changing area of fashion and tech - designers will soon be able to design together whilst in different countries by entering a virtual design space !!

After a fabulous Fashion in Leeds: The Afterparty where the amaaaaazing and phenomenally talented Suzy Mason bought back Speed Queen and Vague for one night only and saw (pinch me moment) Matty Boven DJing, Friday drew to a close with the lovely Claudia Croft and John Vial and  makeover competition with Andrew Bartona nd Ruby Hammer .....Can you name an area of the Fashion Industry we didn't involve? And best yet, the list of fashion professionals (a.k.a. Fashion Gods in our eyes) will just keep on expanding with Fashion in Leeds set to just. keep. growing. 


Our ultimate aim? To reach Leeds to its full fashion potential in a National and International  capacity  here at Cabba, we couldn't be more thrilled/ excited/ determined for the success to keep on growing.