The Branding Process

Choosing the name of a label is a thought-consuming process. I wanted a name that I felt could grow with the label, that would sit as easily with a young label as with an established brand. A name that represented the care given to the design and style of Cabba garments also the quality of fabric and construction. A name synonymous with a brand our customers would be proud to wear and own and become part of its history as Cabba could become part of theirs.

When I was younger my brothers called me Cabba. I have a deep affection for the name for this reason, also because of the positive affirmations I associated with it.

When I was researching the name I discovered there is such a thing as an 'urban dictionary', this is what it said about Cabba;
Cabba, a nickname for someone you love unconditionally. The nickname Cabba should only be used for those girls you can actually trust. A Cabba with be there through anything and everything. She is beautiful, intelligent and emotionally stable.

It was a wonderful happenstance finding this and confirmed to me that I should indeed use this name. The Cabba customer is a women that represents many of these qualities. I am a great believer in women being supportive of each other, celebrated for their individuality and inner beauty and being encouraged to express all facets of their personalities, the good, the not so and the amazing.

An amazing Graphic Designer that I have known now for a lot of years is Justin of made upstairs. I believe Justin to be a genuine creative genius. I love the way his mind works when it comes to working through a brief, it is a total pleasure working with him and I am always interested to follow the work he does and see what level his mind can reach.

Justin, Made Upstairs, presented his initial concept for Cabba for comments. At each stage, as a collaborative journey (my feedback, Justin's talent) it developed into what it is today. I am delighted with the final brand, I feel the clean simplicity of the brand with a simple twist reflects the design ethos of Cabba, design led clothing with a typically British understated twist. So, if you ever want a true creative talent ... give me a shout and I can give you his details or click on the link. He's a Yorkshire lad and a fine one at that!

The colour choice which was very simple for me. Elephant grey has been my 'go to' colour for some years. I find it clean, I prefer a white tone than yellow base, it is softer than black (though I love black) and I feel it has a very rich yet modern feel to it. Pantone are the colour reference of many design fields and  Made Upstairs collated the image you see for what is cabbagris.