Made In Britain

I had a lovely morning last week driving through our beautiful countryside to visit a manufacturer that I use near Kendal. It did not feel like work and I reminded myself how fortunate I am to be able to do something I feel so passionately about.

Barbara and Brian have manufactured clothing for over 40 years, recently they have decided to retire and the very capable and talented Ele has taken over the reigns. I first met Ele in 2011, as she is a talented, trained, pattern drafter and can be credited for the beautiful fit of some of the Cabba garments. Ele will be working with Barbara and Brian for a couple of years to hand over seamlessly (sorry). It is a great environment, set in rolling hills and far from what you may expect of a manufacturer of clothing in Britain. The girls that work there are a lovely group of women that take immense pride in their craft and have risen to any technical challenges I have presented with gusto, skill and beautiful execution.

I love manufacturing in Britain, we have such a heritage of textile and clothing manufacturing, especially in the North of England. For a time, it was thought that this skill set was in an ageing population and was becoming a lost industry. In manufacturing in Britain today, I feel it supports the resurged and growth of this magnificent skill set and industry, it is very important to the ethos of Cabba as a clothing label.

It took me a long time to actually find British manufacturers, I have found Barbara and Brian to be so helpful to me as a young label in my understanding of the manufacturing process.

This Wednesday I am going to an event in London, a manufacturers 'Trade Show, which will be a marvellous opportunity to meet other British Manufacturers and expand my network. Can't wait.